Monthly Archives: August 2011

Let’s talk about books, baby!


I’m always looking for ways to get the word out about good books. I do many, many book talks during the year and decided that I wanted to put some of them on the web. How? You say? There are lots of choices but I went with Voice Thread to start with because people can comment about the books I talk! It’s a conversation of sorts. I have created a page on my blog called Bookish Chatter where I’ve loaded my VoiceThread as well as other book talking web sites.  Check back periodically…Podcasts are my next hurdle!

Back to School!!!


So, it’s Monday, August 8 and I just met some of our new faculty members.  I am excited about the new year and the opportunity to chat with new folks about books!  I didn’t get to read much this summer, though…I forgot to check out the Nook from school:(  I did, however, get the best birthday present ever…my sometimes awesome brother gave me an iPad 2!!!  I’ve already downloaded the Nook and Kindle apps and have started reading!  It’s great fun and so very easy to carry around!  I LOVE IT!!!  I am going to have to get a case like my boss’s that has a built in keyboard because I DON’T like the on-screen keyboard.  Anyway, check back periodically and see how I’m doing with the whole reading from an e-reader and to see when our library is going to offer e-book check out!  It’s coming soon!!!