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The Damned…Sequel did not disappoint!


I do love it when the next book in a series is just as good as the first. It doesn’t always happen but, when it does HALLELUIA!!!

War is eminent in the beautiful city of New Orleans. Bastien is remade and reborn and is the catalyst but could he also be a peacemaker? Celine remembers nothing about that horrible night or the deal she made, at least that’s what was supposed to happen. But there are ghost memories that keep niggling at her mind, trying to break through. What do they mean and why is everyone lying to her about what happened? One evening, she crosses paths with Bastien, a man she’s sure she knows and to whom she feels a powerful attraction. As her memories begin to bubble to the surface with a vengeance, there are shadowy forces at work all around her; forces that are as dangerous as they are mysterious. What choices will Celine and Bastien be forced to make to survive what is coming?