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The end…


steampunkOkay, so I finished Cinder and am glad I did, though still wondering how it’s all going to be okay, in the end…I hope!!! Truly, it’s a fun read and an intriguing twist on Cinderella. I am just trying to imagine all the different fairy tales one could steampunk…Robin Hood? I think Maid Marion would look great with gears and metal! Hansel & Gretel…nah, that’s been done in movie form. Beauty and the Beast? Just don’t give Belle laser eyes…she’ll burn up all those books she likes to read. How about steampunk Peter Pan?  Hey, Tink… Hmm, this could be fun! Comment on your suggestions for fairy tales to steampunk!


I have a problem…


So, you know when you’re reading a book and you see where the story is going and you know you’re going to be upset/frustrated/angry but you don’t want to throw the book across the room (at the moment, I might hit a student)? Well, I’m there! I’m reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer and I know what’s coming and I DON’T like it!!! I won’t tell you what’s coming because you really should read the book. It’s a modern interpretation of Cinderella. Actually, it ‘s a steampunk version of Cinderella. I’ve been here before and did actually throw the book across the room and refuse to pick it up again for 3 days! I had to because I was reading The Chocolate War for a class (yes, it was a looonnnggg time ago). On the up side, one doesn’t typically get this upset about a bad book er badly written book so, Marissa Meyer, your book inspires great emotion. Still, the main problem is that I’ve read the second book (cardinal sin: reading series books out of order…guilty) and the problem that I’m avoiding still exists! What is one to do?

“WAIT” is the answer, as unsatisfactory as that is! The second book is called Scarlet and is, take a second and think….steampunk Little Red Riding Hood and it isn’t even published yet ( I read the galley version). So, here I sit, desperately wanting to finish the book but NOT wanting to read the heartbreaking part! I will debate myself for a few more minutes and then read on.

CinderIf you like to read this kind of stuff…please don’t let my weirdness stop you! It’s a fun book for sci-fi/steampunk/fantasy/fairytale fans!