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The Art (and FRUSTRATION) of the Cliffhanger


Every form of media uses them. We all know why…they want you to come back next season or buy the next book, right? And it works EVERY TIME because who doesn’t want to know what happens? Does your favorite character survive? If not, what impact will this have on the other characters and the story? Just how attached are you to him or her? Many authors are quite adept at the cliff hanger but none more than Cassandra Clare, author of the Immortal Instruments and the Infernal Instruments series. Her latest is the Dark Artifices series. The saga began with Lady Midnight and the young Shadowhunters of the Los Angeles Institute. When last we saw Julian, Emma and their passel of children (Julian’s younger siblings), they had lost more than most people do in a lifetime. They were healing, but that didn’t end the problems for the valiant young people. Julian had a full plate. He was basically running the Institute and raising his siblings since his older brother and sister were taken away from him. Still, they had allies, people they trusted to help. Unfortunately, there are few people whose betrayals hurt more than those we trust the most. When the worst happens, they land roughly on their feet and begin to pick up the pieces. In Lord of Shadows, Mark has returned to them, but he’s a bit at sea as to his role in a family that has grown up without him. With mounting pressure to find The Black Volume and what is causing the influx of sea demon attacks, Julian and Emma have to keep things together but keep themselves apart to keep their secret. Keeping secrets is what Julian is best at, making him calculating, sometimes vicious when there are threats against his family. Not everything is peaceful outside of Los Angeles either. A battle is brewing within the Shadowhunter community which threatens to tear apart their ancient bonds. The family is called to account for the nefarious activities of their institute when suddenly a dagger flashes and finds its mark; Thus ends the book!

I can tell you that I actually cried out, “No way!” A bit embarrassing as I was at Panera eating my breakfast. The worst part? I now have about a year to wait to find out what happens next!!!

With Cliffhangers, I have a love-hate relationship.