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Have you ever read a book, gotten totally hooked on, devouring pages just to see where the story goes then you turn a corner and a huge plank hits you upside the head and the story goes off the rails? Well, that’s exactly what just happened to me as I read I Know You Remember by Jennifer Donaldson

Ruthie moved away three years ago. Now, her mom has died and she’s back but everything is different and, Zahra is missing. Zahra and Ruthie were best friends from the moment they met. They read fantasy books and wrote their own stories. They even created their own “castle” at the local park. Ruthie believes that she can find her friend so, she gets to know Zahrara’s new friends to try to figure out what went wrong. The web entangling them all gets twisted and a sudden twist throws everything topsy turvy. Who is responsible? The answer will shock you.

This book takes me back to the first time I saw Sixth Sense. I had to rewind the VCR tape and watch it again to see if I could spot the moment things went awry. It was one of the few movies that caught me completely off guard. This book is the same except with fewer hints and clues scattered throughout. If you’re a fan of mystery and suspense books and don’t mind a super surprising ending, this one is definitely for you.

Old story, New life


Once upon a time…when you hear those words, your body leans in toward the tale-teller. Your minds eye opens wide, your ears tune sharply to hear every word. It’s the magic of the story and it’s held in thrall countless people through the ages. One of the best known storytellers is Shahrzad, the girl who saved her own life by telling a story. For centuries, her tales have traveled the globe on their magic carpet. With Renee Ahdieh, she gets a reboot.

No one has ever volunteered before. It’s a death sentence and no one really wants to die but Shahrzad has ulterior motives for putting her life on the line. She wants revenge.

Khalid murdered her best friend, Shiva, and so many other brides on the morning after they become his wife. Shahrzad is determined that Shiva will be his last. She smart and full of sass. She’s also a gifted storyteller. That first night, she spins a tale that enthralls her new husband. When she ends the story before it’s conclusion, Khalid realizes what she’s done but he spares her life and returns night after night. Soon, things begin to change between them and suddenly, revenge doesn’t seem so sweet. How is she to fulfill her mission if she can’t take her mind off of his eyes that are full of pain; pain she finds herself wanting to take away.

Fans of complicated love stories akin to Beauty and the Beast, rejoice. This is a series. Just be prepared for a love hate relationship with cliff-hangers.



Have you ever read a book that ended up wrecking you as much as it did the main character? I just read I Was Here by Gayle Forman. Teenagers have so many issues to deal with these days. Sure, every generation of teens has “issues” but now, it just seems that there are more unhealthy and even deadly matters weighing upon such young shoulders.

Meg and Cody, Cody and Meg. It’s been that way since they were little. You never saw one without the other. Meg’s parents practically raised Cody since her mom was a bit of a flake. Then, one day, Meg went somewhere Cody could’t follow, didn’t even know Meg was thinking about. That place leads Cody on a downward spiral trying to figure out what went wrong. How could it have happened? How did she fail her best friend?

The road trip to find answers leads Code to people who knew parts of Meg but no one had all of the pieces. Some Cody picks up on Meg’s computer. Other pieces come from people living on the outskirts of Meg’s life, particularly Ben, a one-night-stand for Meg. Cody makes some dangerous choices as she collects Meg’s pieces but will she ever be able to understand and forgive?

Holy Smokes! This was an intense story from the beginning. The range of emotions Forman takes the reader through in rapid succession leave you feeling like you just rode a roller coaster 3 times in a row, after lunch! If you’re a fan of teen drama akin to John Green’s or Sarah Dessen’s work, this should be your next book.