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Girl Power


Summer break is well and surely over…I LOVE my job but there’s just something special about summer, even if you don’t go anywhere exotic!  Anyway, I truly did not read much of anything over the summer!  I re-read Bitterblue (see May 16th post) but nothing new sooo, I’m going to have to get back into the habit of reading daily!  In the meantime, though, I thought I’d write about girls…Yes, yes, I will also write about boys later but today, it’s all about my girls!

One of these books is not like the other:

I love a good story, regardless of whether the main character is a boy or a girl.  That said, I do REALLY appreciate authors who truly get girls and create strong, independent, smart, female lead characters. These girls kick butt!  They carry the story on their shoulders and do it with grace!  They certainly DON’T need a boy to save the day…they can save it themselves!  Some of my favorite books with these amazing girls are listed below. They can fight, shoot, run or survive just as well as the boys can.  They face the same kinds of challenges that boys in other books do and they get through just fine, thank you!  Even the movies are starting to get in on the whole strong girl thing. Take the movie Brave, for instance.  It’s not based on a book and the main character fighting for control over her own life is a wonderful, flame-haired girl (I just LOVE red heads)!

Now, most of these books are in fantasy or science fiction/adventure genres (though there are a couple of historical fiction tales, as well)…I’m not really discussing Chick Lit or other genres (though there are some fantastic female characters in them, as well) because these three lend themselves particularly well to showing off the ways that girls can be strong, besides talking, comforting, thinking, etc.  Besides, I REALLY like action/adventure/fantasy/sci fi!

Anyway, girls who enjoy reading about girls who don’t let anything stand in their way should definitely check out my Girl Power list!  Boys, just because these books feature girls as the lead character, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t read them…in fact, you should, for future reference!

Girl Power List


The Hero and the Crown

The Blue Sword

The Outlaws of Sherwood



Hunger Games




Alanna: the first adventure

Trickster’s Choice & Trickster’s Queen

Bekka Cooper series

Tiger Lily

The Glass Swallow

Daughter of the Forest series

Wildwood Dancing

Cybele’s Secret


In the Forest of Hands and Teeth series


Maximum Ride series (by the way, the last of this series is out and will be in the VWL soon)

The Iron Thorn

Leviathan series

Fever Crumb

Ashes, Ashes

Article 5

Skulduggery Pleasant series

Goose Girl

Enna Burning

Princess Academy

Scorpio Races