Monthly Archives: April 2014

Long time no see


So, I haven’t been reading as much as I used to when I had access to hundreds of books as a Middle School Librarian. I have been writing, though. I took a creative writing class and that got my creative juices flowing. I’ve written poetry and journals since I was in middle school. It was my therapy, a way to get the bad stuff out of my heart. I’m going to post some of my work and hope that it’s not too horrible!

First up, a poem I originally wrote more than 20 years ago. I turned it in to my creative writing professor who helped me to improve it.


Silence billows around me, dark and forbidding.

In the distance, lightning lights up the sky


a menacing rumble follows.

The air is strangely still and the sun has taken refuge behind thick, gray clouds, casting

an ghostly shadow on the earth below.

No sound from beast or fowl

screams a warning of the tempest to come.

It falls on deaf ears.

Seemingly from nowhere comes a torrent of rain,

quickly followed by thunder’s riotous arrival.

Lightning follows with her bolts blazing,

the tempest, unleashed.

The trees bend and strain against the wind’s strong breath.

Some succumb and fall to earth,

unheard over thunder’s booming laughter and rain’s quiet applause.

Night falls, barely noticed, as the gale rages on.

But soon, the wind and thunder are placated and lightning is satisfied with her fiery display.

They retreat to unknown places, awaiting the siren of the tempest.