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    So, one of my 6th graders just informed me that the brilliant minds that brought us the ground-breaking 39 Clues series is at it again! The first book is already out…The Medusa Plot is written by Dan Gutman. Look for the second book, A King’s Ransom by Jude Watson, in mid-December. The series will wrap up after 6 books.

It seem as though a feud is on!  This second series pits the Cahill family against a shadowy group called the Vespers.  Dan and Amy must fight not only for their family’s safety but now the rest of the world is depending on them to win!

The cards are back as is the web content that enhances the book experience.  I just love the idea of combining two of my favorite things…BOOKS and computers!  If you’ve not already read the first series, you’ll just have to catch up!

I’ll bet  you thought that Conspiracy 365 was all done.  Well, you’d be wrong!!!

Cal had been on the run for a year and after claiming the Ormond Singularity, his life seem like it might eventually get back to normal.  He’s home with his family and friends and the news hounds will one day move on to another sensational story and leave him alone.  All in all, though, Cal is pretty happy…until the evening he found the envelope in his room sealed with a drop of blood-red wax, a tattered-wing angel stamped into it.  His body went cold and his heart began to pound.  What was going on?  Who sent the cryptic message?  Is it all just a cruel hoax?

Conspiracy 365: Revenge is the first book, coming out in October 2011 with a total of 13 books, all together.  I’ll be interested to see if Gabriel Lord can keep up the suspense for 13 books, one per month, like she did with the original.  The official web site is pretty cool.  There are contests (with some pretty cool prizes) that you can enter as you read the books.


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