Alan in Chicago


No, I’m not going to meet a man named Alan in Chicago.  It’s the Alan  Workshop (Assembly on Literature for Adolescents); two blissful days filled with nothing but young adult authors speaking about their books and the teens (and not a few librarians!) who love them .  It’s such a fabulous experience for librarians and teachers to be able to connect with the authors and learn about what’s new, the future of the book, and much more.  The theme this year is Flash Back. Forge Ahead.  and I will be updating this blog with information I’ve gotten, materials from the vendor exhibition, and (best of all) the books I receive.  I will come home to many boxes of new books, galley copies of upcoming titles and, hopefully, a few autographs (though I do really hate waiting in line!).

One of my favorite YA authors, M.T. Anderson, will be the opening speaker!  It’s been a long while since I’ve heard him speak.  He will be expounding upon the future of books and written stories.  He is the author of The Game of Sunken Places, Feed and the Octavian Nothing series.

Check back for updates!!!  I tend to get very excited during these kinds of events!

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