This is so very COOL!!!


So, you are all aware of the whole ebook revolution, right?  Well, when I was at Alan in Chicago (more on that later…), I was introduced to something amazing.  First, some background.  It all started with Rick Riordan’s idea for a book series that would have web-based activities and game cards to go with it.  Of course, I’m talking about the 39 Clues series.  Now, we have a fully integrated book that is also an app!  Patrick Carman’s Dark Eden is the story of 7 teenagers in a heap of trouble.  They’ve been taken to a place called Fort Eden where there are professionals who are supposed to be able to “cure” them of their mental issues.  Upon arrival, they are greeted with a building that is more prison that hospital and a staff that could only be described as dour.  But, all is not what it seems.  Instead of a cure for their illnesses, they may find a cure for life…death and destruction!

You just have to check out this app.  It’s a little like watching a book unfold right before your eyes and your ears.  It’s interactive, audiovisual, creepy, deliciously sinister!  Go to the app story on your smart phone or your tablet and type in “Dark Eden” and settle in for a thrill ride!  Of course, if you’re old-fashioned and just want to read the book, you can do that too…chicken!

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