By Teens, For Teens


There are so many web sites out there for teenagers…some good, others not so good.  Below are a few of the ones that I really like…most are written by teenagers, themselves!

Teen Ink – is for teens who like to write or are artistic in other ways.  It started way back in the olden days…1989 as a print magazine and has flourished in the digital age.  Teen authors can submit their work for consideration in a future issue, they can enter all kinds of writing contest (usually with cash prizes), and read what other teens are thinking about.  Teachers who work with this age group, should definitely take a look and see what great writers are out there!

The T@ttoo – Teen journalism at it’s finest!  Begun in 1994 in Connecticut, this publication has spread world-wide.  The teen journalists tackle tough topics and issues that concern teens everywhere.

ReaderGirz – One of the best online books clubs out there!  For girls and by girls, this book club site provides excellent books to read and forums to talk about them.

ScenariosUSA – A site created to get teens involved in the issues of today.  Teens write about issues that touch their lives and enter them into the “What’s the Real Deal?” writing contest.  The winners are paired with some of the best film makers in the country to create a short film.

Other great sites and blogs are listed under my YA Links list to the right.  I think that teenagers are some of the best people in the world and they deserve to be heard!  If you have a teen or know a teen, encourage him or her to get involved, be vocal!  The internet is a great forum…just be safe out there!

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