Summertime, and the reading is easy…


Where I WISH I was going!!!

So, 5 days and 6 hours and my summer break begins!!!  I’m pretty excited about it…sleeping late, coaching swim team, swimming laps, walking, spending time with family, catching up with friends and, of course, READING.  Our library now has a virtual collection that we can check out on most of our devices, which means that I can check out books without having to take so many home with me!  I travel to VA and have a sleek, cool Honda Accord Coupe (red, of course).  I love my car but the packing space is limited…especially when you have 2 kids (furry, four-legged, and space taker-uppers). My iPad (thanks to my brother and last year’s birthday…not sure how he’s going to top that!), is a wonderful thing.  It’s small, easy to carry and can store tons of books. Anyway…looking forward to all of it so you may or may not hear much from me after today!  Have a fantastic summer and happy reading!



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I am a high school librarian and avid reader. I work in a high school library in Chesterfield, VA serving 9th grade students and staff.

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