A REAL Interesting Story


In looking for books to add to my school’s summer reading list, I made myself read a nonfiction book…and I actually liked it! Of course, it helps that it’s written in prose so reads a lot like a novel. It’s all about a plot to steal Lincoln’s dead body! Pretty Gruesome!

For me, the secret seems to be format (I suspect that it’s the same for my middle school students). If it’s written like a novel, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll like it…especially if there’s a really good story to tell! Truth is often stranger than fiction, as they say!

Lincoln's Grave RobbersCounterfeit money has been a problem for as long as there has been paper money. In fact, the Secret Service was created solely to deal with counterfeiters. One man was the bane of Secret Service’s existence. Benjamin Boyd didn’t start out to be a counterfeiter. He was a talented engraver who figured out that he could make more money (literally) printing currency. When he is finally apprehended and faces a long jail term, those who depended on his money hatch a dastardly plan to break him out!

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