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Just the other day my boss said, “there’s nothing new in the world” of fiction…while that may be true, some authors have figured out a way to make old, tried-and-true stories new and exciting again. One example is Beauty and the Beast. My favorite retelling is Beauty by Robin McKinley (the best version of the fairy tale you’ll ever read). Alice in Wonderland is another. I first read Frank Beddor’s Looking Glass Wars and absolutely loved that trilogy…exciting, action-packed and totally unexpected! I just loved how Beddor wrote the Cheshire Cat’s demise!!! Another fantastic entry in the Alice story is Splintered by A. G. Howard.

Alyssa’s family is cursed. It started with Alice Liddell…yes, that Alice. When her female descendents come of age, they begin to hear voices…crickets, rabbits critters of all sorts begin to speak to them and it invariably drives them mad. Alison, Alyssa’s own mother, sliced her hands to ribbons when she saw a 5-year-old Alyssa talking to a beautiful blue butterfly…to be fair, Alison was aiming for the butterfly. Alison is now in a mental hospital. Alyssa has her own problems, besides being bugged by bugs. She has had another voice in her head since she was a child and he’s back. He tells her that there’s a way to break the curse and get her mother back but she must go down the rabbit hole. She accidentally brings along Jeb, her good friend and secret crush since they were children. Wonderland is a place full of strange creatures and powerful magic. Morpheus is the voice Alyssa has heard all her life and she trusts him…but he is not exactly what he seems and neither, as she soon finds, is she. Alyssa and Jeb will have to navigate the intrigue and dark schemes to not only break the curse but to survive!

Truly, this is a fascinating romp through a very familiar tale but with wonderful, dark twists and turns that will keep you guessing.

Splintered   Looking Glass Wars Beauty

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