Have you ever read a book, gotten totally hooked on, devouring pages just to see where the story goes then you turn a corner and a huge plank hits you upside the head and the story goes off the rails? Well, that’s exactly what just happened to me as I read I Know You Remember by Jennifer Donaldson

Ruthie moved away three years ago. Now, her mom has died and she’s back but everything is different and, Zahra is missing. Zahra and Ruthie were best friends from the moment they met. They read fantasy books and wrote their own stories. They even created their own “castle” at the local park. Ruthie believes that she can find her friend so, she gets to know Zahrara’s new friends to try to figure out what went wrong. The web entangling them all gets twisted and a sudden twist throws everything topsy turvy. Who is responsible? The answer will shock you.

This book takes me back to the first time I saw Sixth Sense. I had to rewind the VCR tape and watch it again to see if I could spot the moment things went awry. It was one of the few movies that caught me completely off guard. This book is the same except with fewer hints and clues scattered throughout. If you’re a fan of mystery and suspense books and don’t mind a super surprising ending, this one is definitely for you.

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I am a high school librarian and avid reader. I work in a high school library in Chesterfield, VA serving 9th grade students and staff.

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