Adam Silvera: Superhero


I’m a sucker for a good superhero story! I love the comic book/graphic novel versions but my favorite are the novel-length stories. There’s so much more time and paper to tell the intricate details that you miss in the shorter graphic novels, though I do miss the illustrations terribly! In the vein of diversity, I present, Infinity Son by Adam Silvera.

Emil and Brighton are brothers and close friends. They share a love of all things Spell Walker, a group of individuals, Celestials, born with superpowers. They fight to save the world not from aliens but from Specters, people who kill magical creatures to steal the power in their blood. It’s hard being mere mortals and specters offer the possibility of becoming something more. Neither boy has manifested powers, yet, but Brighton still believes that they could, on their 18th birthday. Disappointed, they head back home but, on the way, they are attacked by a specter and Emil suddenly starts shooting phoenix fire which is NOT a Celestial power. Their heroes, the Spell Walkers, are desperate for Emil to join their fight but he’s not a fighter. He wants peace and to have nothing to do with his powers. Brighton, however, is ecstatic. Immediately, he sees his popularity on YouTube skyrocket. He might not have Celestial or even specter power but he has his followers which are growing exponentially. Soon, however, the constant struggle, the personality differences and a BIG SECRET revealed begins to fray Emil and Brighton’s relationship to the breaking point.

In his signature style, Adam Silvera takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride through familial relationships, loyalty, rage right up until the surprise ending!

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