The last time I posted was March before all of the stuff hit the fan. It’s been a long, difficult road and I have used more cuss words during this time than I ever have before (hence the title of this post). I don’t know if you read the Twilight books but Stephanie Meyer did something in New Moon (book 2) that so perfectly illustrated what Bella was going through when Edward left. There were three pages, blank except for the name of the month. It was a poignant, powerful visual and it perfectly describes how things have been for me since March. I had little motivation to do anything except sit in front of the tv, series after series, and not think (one of these days, I’ll do a post all about my pandemic watchlist). Still, I managed to get a couple of books read; mostly from my favorite authors so I’d know what to expect…fabulousness (the word “unprecedented” is a word I NEVER want to hear, again). I was not disappointed.

Juliet Marillier is in my top 5 favorite author group. Her high fantasy picks me up and whisks me away to worlds long ago and full of magic and mystery. Harp of Kings is her latest.

Liobhan (sounds like leo-bhan) is a strong girl with big dreams to become a warrior. She has the skills and the determination. She and her twin brother, Brocc, have been accepted to Swan Island, a training camp for elite fighters. Their fighting skills are honed as they compete for a place amongst the famed warriors. In the midst of their training, they are recruited for a special mission. They will be traveling as musicians. Liobhan has almost magical skill on the pipes and Brocc has the voice of an angel and the skill of a master on the harp. Together, they will face the most difficult challenge in their young lives…separation.

Sarah J. Maas has become one of my new favorites. Her fairy stories are brutal and beautiful, brash and seductive. Her latest, Crescent City, is also quite steamy! I’d rate it M for mature.

Bryce is a party girl. Dancing, drinking, and having fun is all she wants right up until she watches her best friend torn to shreds by a demon in front of her. On the surface, she seems unchanged. She allows her reputation to remain but behind the scenes she is in turmoil. The man she believed guilty of the crime is behind bars so why have the murders begun again? Who is behind it and why? She is recruited to help in the search by the Asteri Micah, an arch angel. He assigns Hunt Athalar, a famed warrior with his own personal demons to work with her. The two are like oil and water but they think alike and quickly pick up a trail but where it leads them will shatter their souls.

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